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What you can do on this site
You can search for earthquakes and also download the strong-motion data observed in the earthquake. Or you can search the strong-motion data independent of earthquakes. The way to search for earthquakes and strong-motion data is shown below.

Top Page

Top page of A strong-motion seismograph networks(K-NET,KiK-net).-> Detailed description is here.

Easy Download

It is the easiest way to download the strong-motion data. You can also see site-distribution maps here.-> Detailed description is here.

Data of quick report

You can download the unauthorized strong-motion data which received from seismograph just after an earthquake. You can also see site-distribution maps here.-> Detailed description is here.

#In the following pages, there is an item of Data list. The max acceleration in each Data list is calcurated by compositing of three vectors of N-S,E-W and U-D. In the other one, Kyoshin Network Classic Web site, max acceleration is maximum value of three elements and so both values are different.

Select an earthquake and Download data

You can see the monthly earthquake list by selecting year and month that earthquake occurred.You can see the site map and various analysis images.You can download strong motion data by earthquake, site or channel.-> Detailed description is here.

Serch for earthquake and download data

You can search for earthquakes using the origin time, magnitude, epicenter location, etc.-> Detailed description is here.

Serch and download data

You can search for Strong-Motion data independent of earthquakes, based on date and time, site location, site characteristics, maximum acceleration, epicentral distance, etc. The data can be compressed into a single tar file.-> Detailed description is here.

Velocity Response Spectrum Download

You can download velocity response spectrum data.-> Detailed description is here.

About K-NET data format

The strong-motion data in this site is written in K-NET Ascii format and K-NET Binary format.
K-NET Ascii format-> Detailed description is here.

About tar and gzip

Our data files are combined by tar command and compressed by gzip command. -> Detailed description is here.

About origin time

Origin Time format is YYYY/MM/DD HH:MI:SS.SS, but SS.SS is always 00.00.Please acknowledge it.

There is no restriction on using the K-NET data, but if you make a dissertation or article through the using of the K-NET data, please accede following.

(1) Please describe the use of data clearly.
  Please specify so when you use information from K-NET.

(2) Please report on the result.
  Please send the following the copy when printed matter is published by the science thesis, academic conference presentation manuscript, and the result report, etc. made by using information from K-NET. Moreover, please send it to the following when it is possible when the disaster prevention purpose etc. are investigated various, are estimation of damage, are forecast, and it produces a report. An outline of the purpose of use etc. alone is not cared about when there is no concrete printed matter and it is not possible to make it public either. The report accepts an electronic medium of PDF file etc.

Strong Motion Seismograph Network Laboratory, Network Center for Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano,
National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience
3-1, Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0006, Japan
Address of electronic medium     

Please understand that the request above is aiming continuance and improvement of our service by accumulating accomplishment of prevalence the K-NET.