Online Manual - Top Page

Top page of A strong-motion seismograph networks(K-NET,KiK-net).

1. About the menubar

The menubar is displayed in the upper part of the screen.

Point to menu bar to show pull-down menu.

Click items to move to each contents or show them on new window.

2. About the Kyoshin Monitor

(1)Automatic refresh
Checke to 5 sec per picture information is automatically refresh.

(2)The Image shows the latest information
Clicke to the current image of the latest information is displayed.

(3)Display images of past
Click or Drag and drop to image information until 60 minutes or less ago is displayed by the specified place.

The rightmost shows the latest, and the leftmost shows 60 minutes ago.

(4)Display image information selection
Checkbox And, pull-down menu Information displayed is selected.

3. About old news

Click Old news are here. to old news list is displayed.

News that the priority level is low is not displayed in the initial state. Check to all news is displayed.

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