Online Manual - Velocity Response Spectrum Download

1. Select data type and date

Selectand, origin time of the earthquake time range. The time to speed earthquake response spectrum data list. For example, on March 6, 2008-14:20 spectral response rate to 30-minute search for the file, as follows.

2. Select velocity response spectrum file

Data from the list of file you want to download. To display only a specified observation point, the observation point code is to input and the check box on side is checked.

3. Select data list

When the earthquake record displayed in the poop sheet is selected with the mouse, the thumbnail in the speed response spectrum graph of the strong motion record is displayed.

4. velocity response spectrum of the selected data is downloaded.

click to data list of selected velocity response spectrum data is available for download.

5. Other information

* Data format

This is an example of a velocity response spectrum file.

DATEobservation date
TIMEobservation time
HR00 - HR28velocity response spectrum value of horizontal tow directions(N-S,E-W) composition.
3C00 - 3C28velocity response spectrum value of three directions(N-S,E-W,U-D) composition.
NS00 - NS28velocity response spectrum value of N-S direction.
EW00 - EW28velocity response spectrum value of E-W direction.
UD00 - UD28velocity response spectrum value of U-D direction.

* About the velocity response spectrum

"Data of section for 10 seconds" means the calculated information from the first 10 seconds of the data, and "Data of section for 20 seconds" means the calculated information from the first 20 seconds of the data. The same is true on "Data of section for 30 seconds", "Data of section for 40 seconds", "Data of section for 50 seconds" and "Data of section for 60 seconds".

Figure 00-28 shows the proper period of the velocity response value. Assuming the figure 00-28 to be i, corresponding proper period t[s] can be obtained by the following calculation formula.

0 <= i <= 17 (0.1<= t < 1.0 )
t = 0.1 + i*0.05

18<= i <= 28 (1.0<= t < =2.0 )

t = 1.0 +(i-18)* 0.1

* Input multiple site codes in query terms box
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