Online Manual - Select an earthquake and Download data

List up earthquakes occured in a specific month

1. Select data type and date

Select a data type, years and months from and . The earthquakes which occurred in the selected years and months are shown if they are registered.

2. Select an earthquake event

Then selecting an earthquake event, you will see the strong-motion data at the strong-motion data list. you can see the analytical images as thumbnail. Now you are ready to download strong-motion data listed in the data list.

3. Download all strong-motion data

Click to download all strong-motion data of the earthquake compressed into a single tar.gz archive. The largest one of the archive file has tens of megabyte size, so if you do not want all data, choose data by the steps shown below.

4. Choose a strong-motion data

Select a strong-motion data in the data list, you can see the images of acceleration wave and velocity rsp. spectrum as thumbnail . Now you are ready to download the data.

5. Download strong-motion data of all channels

Click , you can download all channels data compressed into a single tar.gz archive.

6. Other information

* Sort the list
Clicking anchors on the list box, you can see the list sorted by a specific key in ascending order. If you click the anchor again, the list is sorted in descending order.

* Change thumbnail image
Using the pull-down menu below a thumbnail image, you can change the thumbnail image.

* Enlarge thumbnail image
If you click on the thumbnail image, the image will be shown in 100% size on the new window. Then clicking PostScript File on the new window , you can download PostScript file of the image.

* Resize the window
Resizing the Netscape Navigator window may cause an error to clear search parameters. In this case, please retry the search.

* Unauthorized raw data
When a large earthquake occurs, you can download unauthorized raw data on this page. A notice display at the earthquake list like as "Quick reported Earthquake".

* Images of unauthorized raw data
The image of unauthorized raw data is registered after the acceleration data. The paste-up and measuring seismic intensity is not registered.

* About the format of the download file
Click , to download the file format select the .

* Download Hi-net EVENT DATA
Click , you can download Hi-net seismic event data. But you are not able to download when there is not the Hi-net event data yet.

* Download F-net WAVE DATA
Click , you can download the F-net continuous waveform data of 5 minutes length; from 1 minute before earthquake. If the earthquake selected have occured more than two weeks before, search page of F-net download data will be shown.

* Animation
Select the type of animation from the display screen that displayed by clicking , you can play the animation of the earthquake event chosen from the earthquake list.

* Detail retrieval
Click >>Select for earthquake and download data to Select for earthquake and download data