Online Manual - Data of quick report

Download an unauthorized raw data received from the recorders immediately after an earthquake.

1. Select an event on the quick report list

Select an earthquake event that you want on the quick report list. If you want to display the events which contain more than a number of sites, check the box beside the earthquake list and select a site number from the drop down. Click the button and refresh the lists.

You can see strong motion records at the strong motion record list and the site map at the right of the list. If the earthquake has more than 6 sites, you wiil be able to see analytical images as a thumbnail on the right of the list.
* Some items within this list may contain several earthquakes.

2. Download all strong-motion data

Click , you can download all strong-motion data of the earth selected quake compressed into a single tar.gz archive. The largest one of the archive file has tens of megabyte size, so if you do not want all data, choose a data by the steps shown below.

3. Choose a strong-motion data

If you click one of data listed in the Data list, you can see thumbnail wave image of the data. Now you are ready to download the data.

4. Download strong-motion data of all channels

Click to download channels 1-3 of data compressed into a single tar.gz archive. The archive file may be large so, if you do not want all channels of the data, choose the data desired by the steps shown below.

5. Other information

* Authorized data
If the authorized data of the earthquake event released, please download it on the page "Select an earthquake and download data".

* Suffix of the strong-motion data file
Suffix "1" indicates N-S direction of strong-motion data. Also suffix "2" for E-W direction, suffix "3" for U-D direction. The suffix is subject to add or change in future.

* Data quality
Quick reports are generated automatically without checking. So they may contain non-earthquake data such as noise, instrument failure data or test data.

* Sort the list
If you click anchors on the list box, the list is sorted by a specific key in ascending order. And click it again, the list is sorted in descending order.

* Change thumbnail image
Using the pull-down menu under a thumbnail image, you can change the thumbnail image.
# If a hypocenter were automatically determined, pasete up waves would be created.

* Enlarge thumbnail image
If you click the thumbnail image, the image is shown in 100% size on the new window.
On the new window click PostScript File Download to download PostScript file of the image.

* About the format of the download file
You can select a file format of the data, which can download from or button, from .

* Animation
Click and select a link of animation in the window.The animation of the earthquake event chosen from the earthquake list will start. The button may not active when the animation is not created yet.